The Music

In August 2005, five good friends (all talented musicians) decided to start making music together. Their shared appreciation of good music, and a willingness to bend as they blend together, has resulted in a unique acoustic sound, full of rich harmonies, with an unexpected spin on classics from The Beatles, Elton John, Loggins and Messina, Chicago, The Moody Blues, Jackson Browne, B.B. King, Steely Dan, and others from the 60's, 70’s and even today.

Okay, so why ColdSoup?  Where did that name come from and what does it mean?

The quick answer is that the bass player was a whiney crybaby who wanted to resurrect the name of the band he played with back in 1969. However, the band prefers to think of ColdSoup as a picture of great ingredients coming together in good taste in an unexpected way.

Of course, ColdSoup is anything but cold.  In fact, when ColdSoup heats up, you can expect the unexpected. They never serve from off the shelf, and it's always family-style.  It’s a little blues with mandolin...a little country with conga...a little jazz with a dash of bluegrass. It’s music that makes you say, “Hey, I love that song, but I haven't heard it in a while...and never quite like that!".

ColdSoup is Brad Messer on guitar and vocals, Lisa Baker on vocals, Ken Marshall on keyboard, Rick Baker on mandolin and vocals and Mike Gambino on bass guitar and vocals.

Are you hungry for great music?

Try some's mmmm good!