The Band
Brad Messer

Brad was born in West Virginia, and raised in Ajo, AZ. He got his first guitar Brad Messerin 7th grade - a gift from his grandfather - and a guitar has been within his reach ever since. During an early ‘80s tour with a gospel band, Brad discovered how deeply music touches people.

He also performed in a Bluegrass group called Lagurta Underpass. “It was the happiest music I had ever heard. To this day I try to sneak a little bluegrass into every set I play."

Brad’s early musical influences include: Elvis, The Beatles, CSN, James Taylor and CCR. He enjoys reading, sailing, spending time with his grandkids, attending a great church and making music with his friends. Brad is the Worship Minister at Mountain Ridge Baptist Church in Glendale, AZ - where the group ColdSoup has its roots.

Rick Baker

An Arizona native, Rick played French horn, piano and guitar as a youngster and was a member of his high school jazz band. Today, Rick adds Rick Bakerpercussion and vocals for ColdSoup, living Lisa’s dream to be a drummer.

A former 1st grade teacher, Rick now applies his M.Ed. in Education supporting teacher development across the State of Arizona.

Rick’s early musical influences were Rick Nelson; The Jackson 5; George Benson; Earth, Wind and Fire; The Isley Brothers; ZZ Top and Motley Crew. Today, Vince Gill, James Taylor and a host of Christian artists have contributed to a warmer, gentler Rick Baker.

Lisa Baker

Growing up, Lisa wanted to be a drummer...or a truck driver...or a Muppeteer. Lisa BakerShe played violin, clarinet, drums and piano as a child, but these days she is capitalizing on her singing talent. “Music has always been a huge part of my life and I have been singing almost since I could talk.”

Lisa has a degree in business administration and she currently directs operations for a private foundation in Phoenix. She and Rick (the other Baker in the band) have been married for over 20 years.

Lisa's musical interests are diverse, allowing her to stake claim to a very eclectic music library. Among her many favorite artists are Josh Groban, Steven Curtis Chapman, James Taylor, Rascal Flatts and George Benson.

Mike Gambino

Mike is originally from Buffalo, NY. He left home in 1972 and served 20+ years in Mike Gambinothe Air Force--taking his musical talents along for the ride. He’s lived in 12 States and in England and has a great appreciation for people from all walks of life.

The Beatles, and Paul McCartney’s bass playing, caught Mike’s attention in the ‘60s, and he’s been playing bass and guitar ever since.

ColdSoup was the name of a group Mike played in during the early ‘70s before joining the Air Force. “Playing in ColdSoup again is life going full circle. It’s amazing how many times I’ve had the chance at do-overs. Each time it gets better. It’s part of learning from life’s experiences.”

Between ColdSoup and playing in his church praise band, Mike stays very busy. He enjoys traveling, photography, aquariums, computers, writing and his #1 passion...the bass guitar.

Ken Marshall

Ken was born at an early age in the Southern California Bay Area, and began playing keyboard and guitar in church when he was 5 years old. Ken grew up in church music and he credits his parentsKen with encouraging and providing for his musical development. As a young boy, Ken could be seen hauling his guitar and amp up and down the street in a little red wagon, playing music for anyone who had a quarter!

Ken has performed many styles of music including Gospel, Rock, and Classical music. He even performed Hawaiian music when he lived on the Island of Oahu. He has worked as a worship leader, a studio musician and engineer, a technician and as an electronics instructor in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He is currently the owner of Peak Recording, LLC, a company that designs and installs professional sound, lighting and video systems.

When not working, Ken enjoys playing music in church, spending time with his wife and family, fishing, camping, reading and scuba diving.

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